Ok, so I’ve rambled on my odd discovery of “grown-up” sentiments, and you found out I am an unhired teacher and an artist and longing to be organized and so on and so forth. And, most importantly, engaged. You’re going to hear a lot about this part– in part because I don’t have time for anything else.

Don’t get me wrong– this is wonderful. I LOVE my fiance. Truth be told, I’ve been waiting 3 years to be where I am now. I can’t wait to be married to him, and despite a gaping hole in the history of my childhood wedding dreams (my dreams somehow skipped the wedding and landed me firmly in “already married”) I am actually looking forward to the wedding.

That said, wedding planning is HARD. (And all you that already knew this can just shush with your told-you-sos). It’s especially hard if you are an artist with particular tastes. Wedding dresses that are not modern and va-va-voomish are not easy to find. (Not looking forward to dressing my bridesmaids from what I’ve seen out there…) Wedding venues without palm trees almost don’t exist. What a nightmare it was to find one! If only I lived in England. Or the midwest. Or the South. Or New England. Or even just Northern California, where REAL trees grow. Ahem. Anyhow…

Similarly, an artists temperament interferes when you discover DIY projects that take you a month to finish. Yes, a month. You hear that, wedding guests? I hope you appreciate that I loved you enough to spend all this time. (Or at least, my fiance loved you enough to talk me into spending time with the promise I will likely love you someday…) Yet another reason I would have liked a small(er) wedding.

The logical rationale is “make compromises” or “scale things back,” but I can’t do that. Because I’m me.

Good news is, I am putting the save the dates in the envelopes tonight, and by morning, most will be in the mail and on their way, even if 2 or 3 weeks later than I’d planned. Once they’ve arrived, I’ll post pictures, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise in case any wedding guests magically discover this brand new blog. (Stalkers!!)