So, instead of finishing the envelopes on thursday night, I gave in and let myself have some much desired Pinterest time. I know, I have a problem. But it’s actually a GOOD thing. I’m amassing resources for my soon-to-be married life. So… shush. I finished the envelopes last night anyhow, as I was um… not sleepy cause I’d stayed up way too late on Pinterest the night before and subsequently slept in equally late. Bad self. Good news is I’m a few stamps (for international people), a few addresses, and a few envelope redos away from calling this one officially done. Huzzah!*

Also, while I was at it, I painstakingly added EVERY address (even all of his) to my very very cool address book. I have this fantasy that I’m going to write people letters. Because, you know, I’ve been so good at that in the past, and marriage will make me just that much more amazing. Or… not. But it’s an excuse for pretty stationery, right? Let me have my delusions.

All in all, today has been a great day. We visited a few garage sales, and though not amazingly fruitful, we have first dibs on some furniture when an acquaintance moves, another teapot for the wedding, and the amazingly entertaining books “Skippyjon Jones” and “Moose’s Loose Tooth.” Before you say something, yes, I DO read real books (I am having a library themed wedding, after all folks!) but boy do I love children’s books. I suppose it comes of being a quasi-teacher, wannabe children’s book author/illustrator, and a someday mommy.

The rest of the day was entirely relaxing– simple but tasty meals, Tinman**, and spending time NOT working on the wedding (much.)

*I am part of a Renaissance guild, and have spent months of consecutive weekends at Renaissance faires. I am entitled to use huzzah whenever I feel like it.

**More on Tinman later!