All of you regular readers (meaning… maybe one person?) might have noticed a distinct lack of upcoming post promise fulfillment, not to mention a general deficiency in posting overall. Which is to say… yeah, I haven’t been around. Cut me some slack, people! I had a wedding to plan! (Not to mention holiday stuff taking over my life and making that whole wedding planning thing even worse.)

Long story short, we’re married, the honeymoon was great, almost everything I own is in his apartment, and at some point, we won’t live in fear of some government official declaring it unfit to live due to the unfortunate resemblance to disaster aftermath. I have at least found the carpet (in the living room, anyhow…)

Oh, and guess what! We’re even CPR and first aid certified. I know, totally romantic choice for our first free Saturday, right? But it might help me get a job, and he plans to help with Boy Scouts in the near-ish future, so he needed it too.

So NOW I am free to promise future posts! Really! (And the misadventures are already accruing, so stay tuned.) In the meantime, a little voyeurism provided by some of the Facebook paparazzi!