Tuesday, as I was cleaning the still very messy apartment, I heard the unmistakable thump of male feet on the stairs. The unit next to us is still vacant, it wasn’t lunchtime, and Koby had brought his lunch to work anyhow. That meant only one thing*– a package! Sure enough, another thump followed, and I opened the door to find a rather large box on our doormat and a uniformed figure retreating down the stairs with a wave.

In the previous months, packages had been coming right and left– first wedding decor/supplies, then Christmas gifts, then more wedding supplies, and even a few early wedding presents. Now though, we are almost a month past, and I hadn’t ordered anything. For a moment, I worried it was supposed to be a Valentines gift from Koby, but it had my maiden name on it– a sure sign of a wedding registry purchase. It also said “cheese tray.” NOW I was excited. It’s the CHEESE TRAY!!!!

Ok, I know, I’m a dork, getting all excited about the cheese tray, but have you seen my newest Pinterest board? (What, you thought I had forgotten about Pinterest? Yeah right!) “Kitchen of my Dreams!” It features many items from my registry, as well as  items newly added (post-wedding) because I can– we have some belated wedding party things in the works (thankfully, planned by people not us, because I am SOOOOO done with the planning thing. Like… forever.)

Initially, my kitchen was planned around the Corvella collection by Chris Madden, and from there, I found items that matched and filled in holes. Gorgeous cream colored ceramic-ware with scrolling cast aluminum detailing… all very pretty. Apparently, not so many of my guests even peeked at that particular list though. We had salt shakers, and one dinner set , and a couple gift cards. Everything else pertained to the other list.** That said, can you see why I was so excited? Also, it has a dome top. It’s essentially a small cake plate! Not only is it pretty, it’s my first purely decorative kitchen/dining item. This is a big deal.

Before I proceed, I have to tell you about one of the more interesting “get to know you” questions Koby has asked recently (he periodically comes up with these) He asked “Is the unboxing  important for you?” I had to have him explain what he meant– taking a gift out of it’s packaging– but it sparked an interesting discussion. Essentially, “unboxing” does little for me. In fact, with all those stupid twist-ties and clam shell plastic packages and styrofoam, it’s probably the worst part of a gift for me. (I do like unwrapping, but that’s a story for another day).

Despite my usual dislike of the aforementioned “unboxing,” I tore at that box like a 6 year old at Christmas. I could NOT wait until he got home. There it was, in all it’s glory, cast aluminum decorative piece, pretty ceramic tray (even prettier in person than in the picture) and a glass dome with a cast aluminum decorative knob thingy to match. And of course, styrofoam flecks clinging to it, because styrofoam is evil. But I didn’t even mind that, because it was MY cheese tray. Of course, it had to go back in it’s box, with it’s evil styrofoam, because we’re moving in mere months, but I took it out one more time today for a picture. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Another box came while I was gone. A little less dramatic, as I’d been at work the whole day. Koby and I decided we’d splurge on Chick-Fil-A rather than rush a less than satisfying meal after such a long day . I quickly sat down to rearrange my purse (which was full of work stuff that didn’t need to come with) and get ready to go. Since the table and both chairs had boxes, lamps, lunch bag, etc. occupying all available space, I just sat on the floor  in front of the accumulation of boxes, bags, books and such near the door (also yet to be cleaned– it’s been a long process.) I noticed an Amazon note, and then noticed it was one I hadn’t seen yet, then noticed the box it was on. Food processor! “Oh yeah, I meant to tell you about that.” Yet another very belated wedding present– and a good thing! I was getting ready to order it myself, as it would make one of our new favorite recipes MUCH easier.

So… yay!

Also, we FINALLY got our marriage certificate! More yay!! I can “officially” be rid of my maiden name, which sounds vaguely like I got something stuck in my throat– not very maidenly at all. My married name is much nicer. Not am I glad to have the certificate for it’s sentimental value. As much as I enjoyed seeing the signatures of all the people we care about verifying their presence at our wedding, I look forward to the doors this paper opens. It means we can start handling things like health insurance, bank account merging, new drivers licenses, etc. One more piece in it’s place.

Also– guess what? I’m holding it upside down. Because by the time I got the lighting right and was dashing around and such, I wasn’t paying attention. And now the lighting won’t cooperate. So… no one saw nothin,’ right?


*Technically, it could also mean maintenance, guests to look at the still vacant apartment, salespeople, or someone up to no good, but we’ll just ignore that.

** That is NOT to say that I wasn’t grateful for the things that we did receive, because I am, very much so. I am already using and enjoying many gifts, and planning uses for gift cards and such. I’m just pointing out that very little of that particular set was in my hands as of that point, and it was one of the things I most looked forward to,