In my previous post, I mentioned that my fiance and I had watched the last of Tinman, a three part series put out by the sci-fi channel (I refuse to call it syfy) based on the Wizard of Oz. They did a great job taking a classic story and reshaping it into something new while still retaining some of the themes of the old. We saw the first episode when we were first dating, but missed the second and third, and only now have gone back and watched all three.

Wizard of Oz has become an increasing part of our relationship. One year, while wondering just what to get him for his birthday aside from what he’d already told me, I happened to see a table of Wizard of Oz themed books and items. I am a sucker for the themed tables, so I took a moment to peek before resuming the birthday mission. And, lo and behold, there was a Wizard of Oz graphic novel. He loves graphic novels, but normally, I shy away from them (especially marvel) because there’s no way to know just which ones he already has, which are a travesty to the more seasoned geek, so on and so forth. But this, I thought, might hit the right note: graphic novel meets classic literature with great whimsical illustrations. After some sneaky phone calls to a mutual friend who casually asked a few questions, I got it, praying I did right. Apparently, I did. He had been trying to purchase that exact book and found it sold out in three different stores. Score one point for me. Since then, we’ve enjoyed reading it together when we can.

Even better– he recently found the next book in the series. And during all the drives to see him on weekends, I’ve gone through the entire 14 book series (and have since gone through several of L.Frank Baum’s other works). In a comic book shop, we found the ¬†beginnings of the next book, Ozma of Oz, in leaflet form. We’re just a little excited.

Oddly enough though, neither of us care for the movie much.