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Where Have I Been?

Lately, it feels like “Where haven’t I been?”

Since the last post, I’ve been back and forth from Temecula about a billion times between family gatherings and a very mushy date for the end of work. I’ve been back and forth from the old apartment and the new apartment about 10 times as often, moving box after box (mostly filled with books). No photos yet. Trust me, you don’t want photos right now. I’ve been back and forth from the 15th century about a dozen times, and in and out of tents. I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office both for scheduled check-ups and unexpected snafus (things are good though, so no worries.) I’ve been to Texas for a post-wedding reception and a visit with his family. I’ve been to the DMV to play what my mother and I have affectionately termed “bingo”–  G127 takes forever. I’ve been to and from CVS just about daily. I’ve been up and down stairs so much that I probably have my Pepperdine calves back (if I ever really lost them).

Things have finally slowed down a bit. I’ve finished with my old job, and though I will miss some of the clients and fellow tutors, I’m glad not to have to make the commute. I’m hoping to find something even better here. I’m taking it slow though– at least until I get the apartment looking… um… habitable. Thankfully, Koby just started a new job that more than makes up for what I’m not earning in the interim, so I don’t feel nearly so stressed about it.

I’ve also finished up the this year’s faire season. I’ll miss it, off course, but I’m definitely ready for a break, and I’m excited to plan for the next one.

With everything going on, I didn’t get much done in the apartment, but now I am chipping away at it bit by bit– unboxing and getting rid of unneeded things (including the empty boxes threatening to take over), finding homes for kitchen gadgets and bakeware, organizing haphazard piles of foodstuffs in the pantry, etc. When it gets to a “company ready” state, I’ll share pictures. Right now, it’s definitely NOT company ready.

I have also discovered a new hobby of sorts– coupon/bargain shopping. Although I’ve done a bit over the years,I’ve recently learned all the ins and outs and have saved quite a bit. Since I most definitely will not be posting photos just yet, I figure I’ll share some of my favorite discoveries in the upcoming weeks.

Until then, I’m off to take an epic journey through my to-do list. Sounds exciting, right?

P.S. I just remembered where I haven’t been: the Hyundai dealership. I’m about 3,000 miles overdue for an oil change. Guess what I get to do tomorrow?


Boxes Here, Boxes There…

Boxes, boxes everywhere!

Let me clarify, though. This time, I was expecting a package. My family graciously bequeathed Koby with the old vacuum when they got a new one. It’s not great (by not great, I mean it will fall on your head if ever you try to use the hose features or stoop down for any reason, and the suction power is negligible at best) but “not  great” is better than nothing. We did appreciate it, certainly.

However, it was time to put those wedding funds to work. I even managed to find one rated fairly highly on consumer reports and yet super cheap. I could handle it looking vaguely like a Fisher-Price product if it works well and doesn’t cost much. Also, cheap means we can upgrade in a year or two if needed. Since Walmart lies, and doesn’t actually have it in stock, I had to order online. Thus, when I heard those distinctive thumps, I knew exactly what it was.

I didn’t rush to the door because A: I was washing dishes, B: I don’t actually like  interactions with strangers, and C: rushing to the door before he rang the doorbell would make it exceedingly awkward. So, I did what any rational person would do– I kept washing dishes, humming songs of feigned ignorance in my head. “Hum de dum de dum. I don’t hear anyone at my door…” When I heard his footsteps leading down the stairs, I frowned. He left my package there on the doorstep? A whole vacuum, and no courtesy doorbell? How rude! But I kept washing, because, hey, my hands are already wet and soapy, may as well finish, right? Not like anyone could come upstairs without me hearing anyhow.

Then I heard more steps. And more thumps. Still no doorbell. Hmm. Maybe one of the other things we ordered came early. And then more steps again, more thumps. By the time the doorbell rang, I was a bit confused. And by the time I dried my hands and opened the door, this is what I saw:

And shortly after, the delivery man came up the stairs with another box.

“Is this the last one?” I asked, a bit bewildered.

“Nope, there’s more.”


I started shoveling them in as quickly as possible, which was difficult, because, as you might remember, our apartment is still a complete shambles  a work in progress. After depositing the last one on the doorstep, he  turned to leave, saying “See you monday!”

“What, there’s more?”

“I don’t know,” he laughed* and left me to wrestle the remaining boxes inside.

I piled them all up near the couch, which was thankfully clear of debris due to the photos from the last post. Grand total: eight boxes. Apparently, EVERYTHING we ordered from JC Penny arrived earlier than we’d expected.

As you might imagine, it was entertaining waiting for Koby to notice the elephant giant pile of boxes in the room when he arrived home. “I left the unboxing for you.” (See, folks, I waited this time). His response was that I just wanted him to put everything together. No comment on that one.

Funny thing is, the three largest boxes were nested with smaller boxes within, so my earlier total was then updated to 17 (plus 3 empty boxes). SEVENTEEN boxes.

What was in those boxes? Well, for one, a vacuum, as expected. Also, a knife set with a wooden block. And… everything else from the corvella set (minus those things sadly out of stock that I WILL get later.) So… two sets of dishes, plus enough chargers for all of them, two serving trays, two treat stands, a cake stand, a baker (translation: fancy ceramic 9×13 pan) with stand, and a set of canisters. Most of it is staying in it’s box  because, as mentioned, we are moving in two months,** but it’s here!

Three things were opened however: vacuum, knives, and canisters. Vacuum was opened because the old one threatens to crack open our skulls, and because there are STILL pine needles in our carpet– in the flurry of wedding we just didn’t have time to clean up Christmas until just after the wedding when my mother and sister volunteered to help with that before borrowing my car (my mother’s decided to explode while we were up in the mountains, but me leaving for the honeymoon was convenient timing.) The tree was already fairly… crunchy at that point, and left a distinct trail. Sweeping the needles off the front landing was easy enough, but the old vacuum just pushed them around, and the dirt devil just sucked up the surface ones. As soon as I finish cleaning, we can vacuum. Yay! Look, here’s Koby putting it together.

The knives were opened because up until now, cutting has been a bit of a challenge with our current cutlery. I won them at a raffle/white elephant thingy that I don’t quite remember clearly– some party with my dad’s work– before I started college. Might have even been my father’s previous job. So… eight or nine years ago, and though they weren’t in use all that time, I used them a few years, then Koby used them a year or two, then they’ve been used here for the last year. And of course, they were cheap to begin with. See the difference? See the yucky rust spots on the old ones? So ready to be done with those!

Canisters were opened because we have been waiting a YEAR for these. I wouldn’t let Koby get ugly canisters when he moved into the apartment. I did some research and found a few I liked (but due to reviews, decided against) and one set I LOVED but couldn’t afford– these. There began my current obsession with the Corvella line (and all things similar.) For awhile, we were okay without– flour and sugar just stayed in the bags in the refrigerator. Koby and his roommate used them… approximately never. This last month though, I’ve used them frequently. I didn’t even have to ask if those could come out of the package. He started taking them out himself.

As for the rest, the boxes live in our living room for right now, much as they appeared in the photo. I will find (large) nooks and crannies in which to hide them until we move. Expect a post showing off my pretty kitchen post-move.

*I found out that night that Koby was expecting a package monday. (Further update since I wasn’t able to finish posting before work: Said package did not arrive, so the poor delivery-man was spared.)

**I know I just moved in, but Koby moved here last spring. The lease ends in April, so our search for a new home will commence soon. Our intention is to move closer to church. Yay!

State of (my) Being

Somewhere, in the last few years, I stumbled into “grown-up” life. How I managed to do this while still unable to get a full time job (thank you California education system for spiraling downward just as I arrived fresh and ready to teach. I can still hope!) and thus still living at home, I don’t know. It just crept in.

I wondered some in high school, when I started getting addressed as “ma’am” in stores. Not that I had a problem getting old. Truth be told, minus the requisite years of unrequited love, I was a rather poor excuse for a teenager– and I liked it that way. Who wants to be a teen in today’s world anyhow, ruled by trends and passions of the moment and countless reckless (downright stupid) decisions?

I am a 20-something now. I have passed the threshold after which I cannot place myself in my “early 20s.” I planned to be a bit further along in life by now, but so it is. I thought I’d be happily married, either teaching full-time or happily balancing stay-at-home mom duties with a successful career as a children’s book writer and illustrator. Not so much, but I AM engaged to the most wonderful man of my dreams, so perhaps it will come. Better late than never.

All the same, this “grown up” thing snuck in. My interests suddenly seem… banal and a bit pedestrian, and yet I am thoroughly exited. I have Pinterest boards chock full of home decoration and organization and housewifery and even mommy related topics. I daydream about these things. I blame wedding registries and the general coolness of the stuff the world at large posts on Pinterest for that. Does Pinterest automatically filter what I see to my interests, or is there just a refreshing lack of teenage angsty attitude and bling? Is Pinterest a grown-ups only land?

To be fair, I think I daydreamed about many of these things long before Pinterest. Mommy things like packing lunches and car rides to school were inevitable– nearly every weekday of my college life (and since) included some interaction with or plans for interaction with preschoolers and early elementary students. I was surrounded by them. What else would I daydream about?

Back in my Hotmail days, the msn homepage was a guilty pleasure. Above all, I enjoyed (believe it or not) the articles on organizing. Yep. The grown up was hiding in there all along. I’m sure the aesthetic pleasure of a neat and color coordinated space appealed to the artist in me, just as it does now, but part of me craved to be THAT together, and now, I am longing to organize. Home magazines that previously struck me as beyond boring are a temptation outside my budget, but one I indulge in almost compulsively for those few (or many) moments in supermarket aisles.

Speaking of supermarkets, I have a newfound interest in food. Yes, food. Previously, my interest was limited. Was it cheap? Was it tasty by my standards? Sounded good enough. I was never into junk food really, but most of my cooking interest seemed disproportionately cookie-shaped. Now, I am interested in casseroles and crock-pot meals and whatnot. See? More trappings of grown-up land.

I think all this was already there, really. My situation by necessity did not allow me to dwell too seriously on any of these things. I don’t think I hit a magic number and ceased to care for childish things. It’s been an ongoing process. However, if there was any one trigger, it was my fiance’s apartment.

We were engaged shortly before he graduated, and, thankfully, he had a job waiting for him (unlike me) and found an apartment immediately thereafter. Though shared with a roommate for just a bit longer, we’ve been planning, buying furniture and arranging our future in this space– and with the imminent departure of said roommate, it will be that much more ours. We are choosing flatware and matching color schemes (well… I’m mostly doing that part) and budgeting (that’s more his strong point) and laying out a future.

What was previously so far off into the future for me is now very real, and is no longer a closed-door. Like the wedding chests of old, I’ve had all this folded away, just waiting. And now, as we are counting down the days, I can see it just across the river.


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