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Birthday Dinner for Koby

Because nothing says “I love you” like making someone wait/help 5 hours to have dinner at midnight. Yeah… that didn’t go quite as I envisioned it.

This coming saturday is Koby’s birthday. However, beginning last night (wednesday) and running through sunday afternoon, our congregation is holding a meeting (for you non Church of Christ folks, that means we have a guest preacher in town, and services every evening and twice a day weekends. Good stuff). We will be busy saturday, especially as Koby has made himself invaluable as the resident techie. As such, we decided to allocate the previous saturday for birthday spoiling.

We had an excessively lazy morning (seems neither of us had gotten enough sleep during the week) followed by an excursion to a rumored tea shop in the mall a bit North. We sampled some really tasty teas, and though expensive, the tins of tea we took home will be enjoyed for awhile to come. The names are about as complicated as a Starbucks coffee order, so I will ramble on about tea another time. By the time we got home with groceries for dinner, it was 7:00. And… as mentioned, dinner took 5 hours.

Double Crispy Honey Garlic Pork

Post to come.

Oven-Fried Onion Rings

Post to come.

Sweet Potato Fries

Post to come.

Parmesian Crumbled Asparagus

Post to come.

Moroccan Carrots

Post to come.

Apple Dumplings

Post to come.

Chocolate Molten Cake

Post to come.

You see, given the opportunity to cook for him, I raided my Pinterest boards and came up with… well… a lot. One entree, two vegetables, two appetizers, and two (abandoned) desserts, to be exact. In my defense, I expected to do one of the desserts on a separate nights, and the other was just a variation on an old favorite. I know, pretty weak defense, huh?

So… immediately upon returning home, I dove into cooking. He helped quite a bit, and claimed to enjoy most of it (including the helping.) Most of the food was decent, and there were few mishaps and even a few serendipity moments. However, he did make a very wise observation as we ate our very late dinner.

“Maybe next time, only one appetizer, and one new recipe at a time.” Yeah, perhaps that would be best.

I’ll post accounts on the various recipes in the upcoming days.


Green monster (Peanut butter flavor)

No, really. I’m not making this up. Last week, I came across this recipe.

It’s essentially a spinach smoothie. Yeah, sounds appetizing doesn’t it? I was dubious. Koby thought I was crazy. But the lady seemed to think it was amazing, and Koby can never finish a bag of spinach fast enough, and really is trying to eat healthier (college took it’s toll on his diet and body. Pizza, Jack in the Box, hamburgers, and chicken strips can really only go so far.) Therefore, I decided we would be adventurous. I tossed a ripe banana in the freezer to save for the weekend, found the random carnation instant breakfast that mysteriously ended up in my family’s pantry, and visited the ever dangerous bulk bins at Winco to pick up flax seed (and gummi worms, and gummi sharks, and gummi butterflies, and gummi grapefruit? Why not! And chocolate covered peanuts, and mints, and…)

I went shopping for this.

And came home with these. And I refuse to apologize.

There’s a banana hiding in the back, but it’s sliced, frozen, and slightly mushed from travel. Hush.

The moment of truth.

Thus, at an unholy hour (7:20am) before moving furniture into OUR APARTMENT (no more roommates!) we played mad scientist. And, despite misgivings, it’s actually good! He liked it, I liked it, and the three boys roped into moving furniture for us (who were even more suspicious) declared it “Not bad!” with evident surprise. It tastes like peanut butter and banana, not salad. Go figure. So… recommended!

Only… even splitting it between us, we barely finished our own portions, so I also recommend cutting it in half unless you have a partner in crime.

If you like healthy recipes, I recommend visiting A Full Measure of Happiness, which is chock full of healthy recipes. As you might have suspected, todays adventures are brought to you by my Pinterest addiction.

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