As everyone who actually lives at the address provided has received their “save the date” I can play show and tell without spoiling the surprise.

There they are in all their glory. Bookmarks. Bookmarks that took WAY longer to make than I expected. I found the tutorial here.

As the tutorial wasn’t intended for bookmarks, I had to make some alterations. For one, they were too flimsy, so I had to use a layer of cardstock between two layers of linen. And I had to do two colors of paint on the edge. And the circle bit, and the ribbons, and draw my own picture, and pick the perfect font. Yada yada yada. I know. My fault for being artistic and picky. I can never keep things simple. In the end, though, I am satisfied with them, despite their imperfections (and that’s a BIG deal for me).

And, of course, phone calls of delight from relatives and friends and soon-to-be in-laws didn’t hurt either.

I included a little card reminding those who don’t know what a “save the date” is to do just that (and let’s be honest– I had never heard of them until the last few years when friend’s weddings led to *ahem* passive browsing). We didn’t want worried phone calls from grandmothers asking for details we don’t have yet.

Envelopes were stamped by hand (and printed with the help of my wonderful techie fiance, who also did the printing on the bookmarks). Bookmark and card were carefully wrapped in pretty pearlescent tissue paper and tucked into their pretty envelopes. Last but not least, postage is placed. Did you notice the Mark Twain stamps? Perfect.